POLYTECH PLASTICS (Australasia) has the capability to supply, fabricate and install many styles of Plastic Bioballs and Filtration equipment.

These Bioballs and Filtration equipment have applications in many Industries, including the Mining Industry, Entertainment industry, Aquaculture industry and for the Domestic market. POLYTECH PLASTICS also has a steel fabrication shop so that they can provide the full system of support for these Plastic Filtration equipment and Bioballs.

Some of the situations that POLYTECH PLASTICS have provided Solutions in Plastic Bioballs and Filtration equipment are:

  • Bio balls: we generally stock our Bioballs in black (45mm diameter) because it is less affected by algae. We recommend 16 bioballs per 1 litre. Sold in bags of 1000.
  • Protein skimmers – domestic and large commercial units: tank water pumped in at velocity enters the vertical downdraft columns where a venturi injects air into the stream blasting towards the bottom of the column where it pulverises over Bio Balls. This shreds the water, entrapping the air in to the water. The result is a milky white appearance of very fine bubbles. From here the stream enters the settling box where the foam is forced to rise within the reaction chamber, on & upwards into the clear high grade acrylic chamber, finally over flowing into the covered collection cup at the top. The toxic waste is then drained off through a 19mm hose fitting.
  • Filtration equipment: can fabricate as required with our CNC machining capability – long run or short runs are no problem
  • Weirs and overflows: we can fabricate in matching acrylic or coloured acrylic to any shape to achieve the results that you require
  • Aquariums: from domestic to large commercial showpieces including shark enclosures.
  • Fish tanks: smaller domestic units from 30 litres and upwards
  • Metal stand and Acrylic hoods: we have a steel and timber fabrication shop to complement our work in Plastics and can fabricate complete units.
  • Viewing panels: for testing and experimental units in commercial applications to view reactions and fluid behaviour under water; as well as above ground pools etc.
  • Skimmer cups: can be supplied in any size with water dispersion ring for wash down plumbing.